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April 2002 News
April 24 2002
New version of Wellenreiter v1.1 for Linux.

April 20 2002
US Robotics has 802.11b at 22Mbps, using a TI chipset and it still works with 802.11b 11Mpbs. Looks good. Story on Slashdot.

April 17 2002
I recieved an interesting email, seems some power transformers have 802.11 integrated into them, I know of handheld devices for inventory and barcoding that run 802.11b, but power boxes? odd. I'll check it out.

Well, a 2.4 kernel + pcmcia cardservices won't fit on a floppy, so I'm gonna try 2-3 floppies and then a CD.
Cleaned up a bit, archived news is to the left, the wireless card section is bigger and better, back to homework. :>

April 14 2002
I'm currently working on that 1-disk Linux Wardriving Distro, possibly posting an image tomorrow!
Wellenreiter has hit v1.0, supports Prism2, Hermes/Lucent and Cisco, what doesn't it do? Great piece of software, for Linux.

April 13 2002
A big 1 year birthday for wardriving.com, and I brought the presents.

Stuff I've been meaning to post:
Nate Carlson.com has a page about sniffing with prism2 cards(Dlink, compaw, smc, linksys)
Seems I forgot to post WEPcrack, for all the WEP cracking fun you can have in one afternoon.
Prismdump, if you have a prism 2 card, also the wlan-ng driver is necessary.
WinWiFi could mean trouble for Linux users, story on slashdot.
Here's another thing to wardrive for, those X10 wireless cameras, story on slashdot, you could do it with this scanner.

April 11 2002
The "Cyanide Anarchist" as reported by Wired, is alleged to have stored cyanide and a laptop in Chicago subway tunnels.
The clincher is that he is accused of "war driving to access networks without permission using a wireless modem."
2600 doesn't agree, interesting discussion on Off the Hook.

This is something I just addressed in the HOWTO, legality.

April 9 2002
Here is that HOWTO that I just finished, it's not official, but if should help those new to wardriving.

April 8 2002
Dachb0den labs, some BSD tools, good links, very cool site.

April 7 2002
New version of Wellenreiter, the gtpperl 802.11b audit program

Paul Marsh has added to the FRARS site, new articles.Antennas, and testing them.

April 2 2002
The US Army is using 802.11, but it isn't standard by any means. They use Fortress Technologies's Wireless Security Gateway, which employs 128-bit AES, the governements' favored encryption scheme at the moment. These hardware devices at $1995 a pop plus software licences aren't cheap, but could signal a new move towards better wireless security. Something we need.

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