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March 28 2002
It seems we have entered a new dimension of wardriving. Hacking your local snack shop.

March 24 2002
I cleaned it up, archived some news, the wardriving video is available under the Febuaury News. And as I was looking at small linux distros, I considered making a wardriving disk bootable linux distro, if that sounds cool, email me.

sniph let me know the new ver 0.45 of Aerosol is out, supports Amtel/Prism 2 USB adapters as well as Prism2 based cards (Dlink-650, compaq, samsung, linksys, zoomair, smc, nokia...etc)

#I should be posting a "HOWTO" to get people started with wardriving, safely and easily, lemme write a term paper first. :)

March 24 2002
News, people are reporting on this stuff, too bad it's been a year in the making.
As wardriving.com approaches it's 1-year B-Day, the practice is making more headlines each day.
Houston we have a problem and Drivin' Philly.

March 22 2002
"Wellenreiter is a gtkperl program that makes the discovery and the audit of 802.11b wireless-networks much easier." So says the page, check it out.

The newest Airsnort was released, a month ago.

March 21 2002
sniph let me know that Aerosol is out. Nice and simple looking, for windows, works with Prism II cards.

March 19 2002
Found an old Wired article, mentioned toaster.net has lists of access points, in SF Bay area and around the world.

March 16 2002
Sirius Satellite Radio has petitioned the FCC to restrict the 2.4Ghz band, the main frequency range for 802.11b. This could cause problems, we'll see where it goes, story on Internetnews.

Gartnet Research has a good breakdown of all the 802.11 standards, a,b,g,i, etc...

Don't miss the newsgroups, another good source of info. alt.internet.wireless

March 14 2002
Been on vacation / lazy will update soon, until then Wireless hit Hawaii and 802.11b your Tivo (/.)
54Mbps in the UK, Netherlands (the reg)

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