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May 2002 News
May 24 2002
Wellenreiter has been updated to fix a bug, now v1.3 and works on Ipaq. I am gonna grab one of those soon.
Archived April.
1-disk is on hold till I get moved into new place.

May 24 2002
Wellenreiter 1.2 has been released.
The ISS Wireless FAQ has been updated.

May 22 2002
just a note to end the confusion as to why the site was a little broken, I switched hosting to keystreams.com last night.
And if you are in the boston area, check this speaker out.

May 19 2002
Finally Mac users get a chance to join the fun, MacStumbler has been released.(user submission)

May 16 2002
Just a little update, I am still working on the 1-disk wardriving linux version, I've been working with a bunch of different sources and will hopefully have something soon, since today was my last day of college! @$%^&@$%& time to work somewhere, yet to be determined.

Greg at turnpoint.net as some Wireless links including a video and the antenna shootout.

Our Dept of Defence has been using unsecure wireless cameras, ouch.

May 15 2002
I just picked up the US Robotics USR2410, it's a Prism2 chipset and basically the same as the SMC card which can have an antenna jack soldered on, my next project. :)

Here is another pic, a user submission from Nic, his pringles setup.

May 14 2002
Need to search for a specific Wireless AP? Try the Hotspot search
It's okay, needs more people to submit sites though.

May 10 2002
Wardriving/Warwalking Equipment examples:

That is a Casio Fiva subnote, more info available here. The gps is hooked up with a Uten 232 USB->serial adapter, runs Linux and XP.
The Ipaq is in the cradle, hooked to the gps cable with a null modem conenctor. Runs ministumbler.
I'll make a new section if people submit pictures.

May 9 2002
Frank Keeney has a weekly wireless show, last week he talked about the wireless issues Best Buy and other retailers were having. Also he adds that "the AP's in Home Depot are for their phones. However I've also seen Lucent wireless equiment mounted on the wall for this. I must assume that HD also uses wireless scanners for inventory and pricing."
-also the Icom IC-3 might not pick up all the X-10 camera channels, but I don't have on to test it out. :(

A reader contributed "SNIFFER TECHNOLOGIES, A division of Network Associates, announced a new product designed to sniff wireless networks using a PDA"
It's an IPAQ with special software, MiniStumbler does a great job.

If anyone has information or software for the Prism 1 802.11b chipset, please let me know. There are laptops and devices that have wireless embeded but use a different prism chipset.

May 8 2002
Lighting that interferes 2.4Ghz has security implications..if you want to "leave the lights on", I`ve gotten great email, will post info later. The boot disk is on hold until tomorrow, I'm looking at examples, need time, need job, need apartment....
enough of this drivel as soon as school is done, I'll be better at updaing, I promise.

May 1 2002
Wireless cash registers being sniffed as told on MSNBC. This should not surprise anyone. See my Jan 26 post.

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