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February 22 2002
Don't miss this site. 802.11b Networking News.

Looking ahead, Intersil turns to cisco to help kick-start 802.11g
With their past work on the prism II chip (the chipset that lets you sniff packets) lets hope they include this "functionality" into 802.11g.
Look to internet.com's wireless archive for like stories.

How long till someone wardrives the Olympics? (I wouldn't try it.)

February 18 2002
Looking for more on antennas? Check out the Homebrew Antenna Shootout.
If you were really serious then you could but this book, The ARRL Antenna Book.

February 16 2002
802.1x sounded good, but it's already proven to be weak. Using man-in-the-middle and session hijacking communications can be compromised. This is really what we didn't want to hear, but it's good that we know.

February 14 2002
802.11b videocams...this just doesn't seem like a good idea.

February 11 2002
Need to Map Wavelans? Check out the story on slashdot. If not then you should still check out Earthviewer, it's cool.

February 11 2002
There may be hope in 802.11 security, introducing 802.11i

Sorry I've been lazy:
Wardriving on Streaming Video by the Rose Bowl wardriver, frank. very cool.
WaveStumbler is a console based 802.11 network mapper for Linux and supports WEP, ESSID, MAC and more
C4i.org and InfoSec News, check them out.
Wlana.net - New site, under construction, keep an eye on it. (Germany)

February 9 2002
Ongoing story about getting 802.11b to go farther that it was intended to, by the "fake" Robert X. Cringley(/.)

February 4 2002
Kansas City Business Journal reports, Wireless networks are targets for the mobile hacker Got it mostly right...cept for the WEP part.(reg required)

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