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January 2003 News
January 27 2003
  • WarDriving Calgary A good article, with Jason, who helped organize the Alberta International Wardriving Day.
  • WiFi FIngerprinting, a growing table of Equipment and MAC addresses.
January 23 2003
  • Detecting Wireless LAN MAC Address Spoofing - Whitepaper and Summary
  • Wardriving on Long Island with video.
  • Read the Responses to the "Alleged Wi-Fi Risks Are Nonsense" story. who is spreading nonsense?
January 22 2003
  • The Big Game requires a big network, use 802.11b of course.
    don't miss the quote, "We're not invulnerable," said Gopadze, "but no one has hacked our system so far."
    at least he's honest.
  • Wireless Security: Create your own VPN (Extreme Tech)
  • How safe is Wifi? Questions answered from the AP.
  • I don't normally post hardware, but the D-Link Dwl-650 pcmcia card is now $17.95 after rebate. damn. no guantees on unix compatibiliy, it looks different than mine. :|
January 16 2003
  • Wardriving err flying at 30,000 ft.
  • This guy looks pretty serious, better believe him, warchalking is a problem? (caution pop-up assult)
    it really isn't as popular as the media makes it out to be, very few wardrivers, "chalk" from what I've heard, and what malicious hacker is going to point out your network, they won't, they are better off keeping it secret.
January 14 2003

January 10 2003

January 5 2003

  • Brace yourselves and read the second paragraph from the replies to the "digital devils" story. I don't wanna get off on a rant here, but a Senior Consultant for AT&T should really know better than to mislead the public about the security of their personal wireless network. To that aformentioned employee, please do not take this as a personal attack, you just happen to be wrong, that's all.
      My responses to your ideas.
    • Step 1: False. Most wardriving programs sniff the 2.4Ghz range that 802.11b uses and network names are regualrly transmitted over the network. Chooseing a obsecure one may help hide your identify, for a little while at least.
    • Step 2: MAC address filtering works as far as the wireless hacker not having a network sniffer, to pull your registered MAC address and spoof your cards.
    • Step 3: huh? Infrastructure mode is required by wireless routers, Ad-hoc (your only other choice) limits your network to access cards, sharing information.
    • So you have a network, unsecured, easy to find and a target of a wireless hacker. wardrivers won't care too much, you're just part of the roughly 70% of unsecured wireless networks out there. While I realize that WEP is insecure, there are other reliable methods that you could of mentioned, such as, VPN software or hardware, TKIP, LEAP, RADIUS etc.
  • Having said all that, I really shouldn't waste my time, the original author of the article refered to WEP as "Wireless Encryption Protocol". jeez, do your homework.

January 2 2003 hey, happy new year.

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"It's like the old days of war dialing,
The new wireless vulnerabilities are even worse than the old methods."
--Kevin Mitnick relating war dialing to war driving at RSA conference.