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Febuaury 2003 News
February 26 2003
  • Wanna help me? Check out Wireless Networks: how to Hack and Secure. and if you buy, wardriving.com gets $$. so I guess I''m no longer non-profit. heh sellout.

  • Anyone from Brazil. I have a reporter for Geek in San Paulo that would like to do an interview.
    Brazil has a magazine titled "Hacker". nice it has warlinux. (i'm one segfault away from 0.6 i swear.)
  • ABC Action News of Tampa, FL has a story on wardrivers, with Video
  • An article from KSTP TV ABC 5. The first three paragraphs suck.
    Since when is this true -> 'War stands for "wireless access revolution."' since never.
    Big (26Meg) and Small (8Meg) versions of the Video from TcWUG.
  • Baltimore Business Journal and Hacking with a can of chips.
  • Warchalking raises more hype.

  • The Moreover news service is going away. I got the "you are not throwing money at us" letter. so it was kind of useless anyways. If you still want to grace their "costly" service go here and do your own news searches. for free of course. ;)
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  • wardriving in florida. go go First Coast News I-Team.
  • Defence Dept, firms reach WiFi pact and a slashdot discussion.
  • I am still working on WarLinux. after a machine crash and other mishaps I have all the data and will work on it in my freetime.

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"It's like the old days of war dialing,
The new wireless vulnerabilities are even worse than the old methods."
--Kevin Mitnick relating war dialing to war driving at RSA conference.