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January News
January 31 2002
Here's some more software, Kismet, Linux wireless sniffer for Wlan-ng and prism cards. It's pretty cool. (b.)

January 29 2002
Story and message thread on slashdot about wireless lans in airports. Some interesting security issues there.

January 27 2002
Wirefree Solutions has a great page detailing makers of wireless products.

January 27 2002
The D-Link DWL-1000AP Access Point gives you the password when you snmpwalk "public enterprises.937.", on Bugtraq

January 26 2002
Whilst I was buying the necesarry items to build a Yagi antenna
I looked up on the wall at home depot and there was a lucent omnidirectional antenna hooked to an Aironet AP, I wonder what they do with it.

January 25 2002
Wireless databases, here's a few, GAWD (Global Access Wireless Database) at shmoo.com and the Sydney Wireless Node Database and also Netstumbler.org has a good one.

January 21 2002
Paul Marsh has some great stuff, A Compaq WL100 antenna mod, a double quad antenna, and a prototype SWR meter, check it all out here.
And you wanna put and antenna on the Dlink-650, more antenna building.

January 17 2002
Unsecured wireless LANs now national security risk. Uh oops.(cnn)

January 14 2002
Here are the instructions for adding an antenna to the Compaq Wl100 (Paul Marsh)
Hey. If anyone has the instructions to add antenna to the Linksys wpc11 card please drop me an email.

January 14 2002
This is really cool, 802.11 with satellite dishes over 6Km (3.7mi)distance. (Paul Marsh)

January 13 2002
Couple of good things:
Here are the specs for modifying a Dlink DWL-650 card to accept and external antenna. Another Page
Here are some instructions about building a 2.4Ghz Omnidirectional Antenna.
Here are some insane people, something I fully respect, free2air.org

January 4 2002
A little News, nothing unfamiliar to us. (SNP)

January 2 2002
Happy New Year and check out wardriving the rose parade. (/.)

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