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November 2002 News
November 25 2002
  • It's funny sometimes when something is new and some of the people that understand it are the ones breaking it...in other news
    Code has been posted to packetstorm titled anwrap.pl self described as "a wrapper for ancontrol that serves as a Dictionary attack tool against LEAP enabled Cisco Wireless Networks" Tested on FreeBSD 4.7 with perl and ancontrol.
    now I must run out and get a cisco card and throw fbsd on a laptop. so many things, so little time. :) tnx wirepair.
  • Wifi Airships?
  • Wireless walking in NYC.
  • Verizon is doing WiFi, launch in Boston.

November 20 2002

    First of all, network outages blow. this meant no email / updating / etc.
  • Good book, good speaker. Bruce Schneier
  • AirDefence has developed two new tools, AirTrap and AirBlock. No real information on their site though..
  • Wardriving the sunny shores of Palm Beach, Fl, and his page
  • Wireless hotspots are the next big thing...some say.
  • Wardriving in Maine.
  • KisMAC first Mac OSX sniffer that works in monitor mode.
  • Working on Warlinux, will run on laptops with <32 megs RAM, and new kismet / gpsd / kernel. I am looking at bootable X solutions. more on that later..

November 15 2002

  • Check out DH-Industries, great security site with links, papers, software, etc.
  • TechTV's CyberCrime discusses Wardrivers.
  • ABC news is advising the masses on securing wireles.
  • NBC in miami has an interview with a wardriver.
  • More people that think WPA will be the next wireless panacea.
    Given the past record of the WiFi Alliance (WEP), I'll believe it when I see it.
  • Fortune tells you how to "Ward off the War-Drivers". so clever it hurts. Notice the date....Nov 25, 2002 hmm.
  • A little old, but SANS has a guide to wardriving, good but for detecting, passive attacks are obviously not detectable, but doing your own sniffing to watch the traffic is a reasonable idea...there really should be no expectation of privacy.. so why not?
November 11 2002

November 9 2002

  • More on Schlotzsky's, seems you can get their network, a mile away. thanks, Tracey.
November 8 2002
  • Schlotzsky's delis now offer free wireless, and they are warchalking their own hotspots...way to market that sandwhich. Select locations Lets see..no encryption, "Schlotzsky's Cool Deli" is the ssid, perfect.
  • Symbol wireless access points can give away their passwords through SNMP, on Bugtraq.

November 4 2002

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"It's like the old days of war dialing,
The new wireless vulnerabilities are even worse than the old methods."
--Kevin Mitnick relating war dialing to war driving at RSA conference.