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December 20 2001
Here's a nice simple script for monitoring APs and GPS, contributed by author. The rest of his devel site is good too.

December 19 2001
"The BBC has an article about WearSat , the new generation of space suits: embedded RISC processor, 802.11b networking, VGA heads-up display, and 1GB microdrive. I want one for my rec room." (shamelessly copied off slashdot)

Intel poised to roll out 54MBps WLANs in Europe (The Reg)

December 18 2001
CNN and CNet have a story about RSA Labs and their efforts on securing WEP.
Well it'll be awhile but considering the low percentage of installations that currently use WEP, this could get interesing. (/.)

December 16 2001
USA Today has a story on wireless hacking, and oh in case you were worried about your privacy they say use WEP or install BlackICE, (snicker)

December 12 2001
Need help with 802.11 a/b/g ? Here's a Ispworld article laying it all out.
Updated the links page and came across Wayport.net, providing wireless access in airports, hotels and other conference centers. check it out.

December 11 2001
Server updated, therefore no longer remotely exploitable, that's always a good thing, also
Lucent/Orinoco Registry Encryption/Decryption program decodes WEP keys and SSID's from the Windows Registry..hehe way to go Lucent!

December 9 2001
It's not 802.11 but something of interest none the less, 802.16, Wireless Metropolitan Area Networks. Cool. (/.)

December 7 2001
Added 2 books, gonna work on code and the site this weekend hopefull, we'll see. ;)

December 6 2001
Interesting story about wardriving on vacation, sounds like a good time. submitted by randy, linked on slashdot.

December 2 2001
I have returned from the holiday to a few emails, thank you all who submitted links, a few changes have been made, back to work...

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