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August 2002 News
August 28 2002
  • Prime Minister of England uses wireless, and its unsecure too.
  • More WarFlying, now in San Diego
  • Yes. that is a banner up there. No it is not paid advertising, they just happen to be very good at what they do, and I respect that..

  • International Wardriving Day Aug 31st? well in canada at least.
  • Now wouldn't you want your laptop to look like mine? Buy a sticker.
  • More wallpaper...err warpaper!. Looks great! i
  • Before I started using Vmware this is what it took to make warlinux 0.4 happen.

August 27 2002

  • Just a litle followup on the consultant in Houston. He was never arrested but was released on bond., hope all goes well.
  • Wardriving Wallpaper. thanks Bryan.
  • A reader has submitted the details on adding an antenna connector to a Belkin F5D6020 Wireless card, very similar to the USR card.
  • Jay followed up on the Home Depot use of wireless gear.-- "Home Depot uses either laptops on carts or miniPC's running on batteries for intentory and other various things, they're all equipped with wireless networking, there are several Aironet's in each home depot, the one I used to work at had about 20, this allows the PC's to talk to the local network and corporate link if needed."
  • Wardriving in Paris, in french or translated.

August 25 2002

  • A lot of people have been asking, so here are the instructions to adding an antenna conenctor to a Linksys WPC11 card. kinda tricky if you don't know how to solder. :|

August 23 2002

  • In the Phoenix area? Wanna do a news story? email me if you are interested, I'll put you through to someone from the press.
  • Need a quick and easy map of your Netstumbler wardrives? Try Mapserver

August 22 2002

August 20 2002

  • New Wireless-tools is out, ver 25, changelog.
  • TechTV on the FBI warning about wardriving / warchalking.
  • New software from Rappore to act as 802.11b security software.
  • Wardriving in Florida.
  • Exactly how to bypass those wireless verification systems in hotels / airports...coffee shops....

August 19 2002
I've been on the road for the past week, here are some backlogged items.

August 16 2002
I will consider selling/mailing CD's if you can't handle the download, I need to check the GPL but I think I can charge for the cd + shipping + burn time. Let me know if you are interested...

August 10 2002 - RELEASE!
a new veraion of WarLinux is ready, iso only at the moment.
The image is 50 megs but it packs a bunch in. Some new things include a new bootloader,
drivers for more cards, wavemon works, tcpdump works, and there is documentation!.

August 8 2002
I have set up a Sourceforge space for WarLinux, all the files are available, forums too..

August 5 2002
Warchalking providing a means to commit crime? On Ananova.
Maybe those "firms" should invest in some wireless securty. just a rare rational thought.

August 4 2002
New version of WarLinux soon, working out bugs with new bootloader.

August 1 2002
802.11b at 65Mph, A Driving Wireless Network. (/.)
The houston computer consultant that proved the county's wireles system was vulberable gets $20,000 bail and is in court.

This is obviously an over-reaction by the totally clueless Harris County District Clerk's office.
If they'd rather some blackhat drive by (know that we all know the vulnerability exists), then let em.
This seems to be one of the down-sides of "if you don't like it, sue em" mentality in the U.S.
Someone should back down, and it shouldn't be the consultant.

August 1 2002
A scenario that involves the FBI and wireless hacking.
An auctual case of a movie pirate sending movies on someone else's bandwidth.
-thanks frank.

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"It's like the old days of war dialing,
The new wireless vulnerabilities are even worse than the old methods."
--Kevin Mitnick relating war dialing to war driving at RSA conference.