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June 2002 News
June 28 2002
WarLinux 0.2 is here and it is 2 disks now (cd on the way) Kernel and lib/app disks.
Pcmcia card services works, Lucent Cards work iwconfig and ifconfig work.
Wavemon is on there, but doesn't work, segfaults, I've run it thorugh gdb and just need a little time to figure it out.
lemme know what ya think.

June 25 2002
Josh at the TechTV show "The Screen Savers" let me know that Pete Shipley of dis.org will be on the show tonite at 7pm and 10pm. too bad I don't get that channel.

June 23 2002
Great rundown of a wardriving set up.

June 20 2002
Webs0r.net has some code for wlan-ng and a network discovery tool for linux, plus Ipaq stuff.
IBM has a new Distributed Wireless Security Auditor.

June 19 2002
Need Equipment? Antennas, cable pigtails, anything? Try Fab-Corp.

June 18 2002
Here are many things.

  • Wellenreiter 1.4 has been released, now has an essid bruteforcer.
  • Work on warlinux is moving along, use dd in linux or rawrite in dos/windows to write it.
  • Move wardriving movies!. Kismet vs. Netstumbler on LPBN. need realplayer. thanks frank!
  • Best-buy seems to have re-activated their WLans. Scroll to the bottom.
  • Check out Airtraf if you run linux.
  • If you want Enterprise-level security, check out AirDefence.
  • Another option is Radius/Odyssey.
  • And if you need to find APs from the 'wired' side here is some experimental code.
  • Do some reading. at Sans.org

June 15 2002
WarLinux v0.1 is out!.
Caution it is really not useful yet, just a little preview of the style, and proof that I have been working on it.
It was created with a serverly altered BYLD and Busybox.
Next on the todo list is pcmcia, airsnort, nslookup, and a little clean up to shrink it.

June 11 2002
Microsoft will only certify 802.11a devices that will support "dual-mode" (802.11 a & b) operation.(Cnet)

Wardriving down under.(ZDnet)

June 10 2002

  • Site mentioned on Time.com and the June 17th issue on newsstands.
  • Currently recoding the whole site in PHP
  • Added Security Advisories Section.
  • Added a Search.
  • Still no job.

June 3 2002
I have moved my life in 2 days, finally on the net...wireless of course..
Pete Shipley back in the news again.(NewsWeek)
Wireless Congestion. (CNN)
There is an update to kismet if you are using it. (-thanks KF)

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"It's like the old days of war dialing,
The new wireless vulnerabilities are even worse than the old methods."
--Kevin Mitnick relating war dialing to war driving at RSA conference.