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October 2002 News
October 31 2002
...yes I am still here, had a hektik week.
    So it's halloween, here's the treats.
  • The Wi-fi Alliance released new wifi security guidelines, over at InfoWorld (/.)
  • Get your "Wardriving is not a crime" T-shirts, and now babydoll size...;)
  • Wireless: Wide open to attack, over at ZDnet
  • Hackers not caring about WiFi? SNP story on NewsFactor
  • Wireless LAN, time to take some action. at ItWeb
  • Lockup Linksys WET11 wireless bridges, Bugtraq
  • WECA is looking to replace WEP, on InfoWorld
  • State of the Wireless Nation, on the BBCnews
  • WorldWide WarDrive, as told by Wired, and InfoWorld and PC Advisor and Yahoo
  • Are we in the Golden Age of hacking?, IDG seems to think so.
  • Look for T-Mobile Wifi at Airports, like when you are not getting a cavity search..
  • El Nino Security, in German.

October 24 2002

October 23 2002

October 22 2002

  • A new version of aerosol came out last Friday. Thats another Windows wardriving program.

October 20 2002

  • Some new software for Windows users, Boingo has free sniff software that helps you "manage" wireless connections, looks decent and easy to use. Note: Boingo is a subscription service, but the software is free, not very detailed for wardrivers, but it might work with cards that netstumbler does not. Another option.
  • New software to track and triangulate 802.11 signals. (/.)

October 17 2002

  • This probably should be on the mind of every admin that cares about security, a well know defacement group, known as the buttp!ratez (link to defacement archive) have forwarded me an irc log, detailing thier interest in wireless.

    *Note* I post this out of concern for security, I have no ties/interest/experience with cracking/defacing and I really don't support/believe in it, but here it is.

  • Frank from wardriving video fame will be attending the LA wardrive-in, part of the World Wide WarDrive.
  • Wardriving, in the north, Canada...I like canada.

October 13 2002

  • The second annual Worldwide WarDrive is coming up! Oct 26 - Nov 2, check the page for details, organizers, places, etc. I'll be at the Boston one.
  • We have our own vocabulary.
  • A very detailed rundown of security, protocols, and more reading....with a Cisco edge.
  • HostAP, drivers for Intersil Prism 2/2.5/3 ( will be in WarLinux 0.6, in the works.)
  • Wartrapping, the latest war-jargon entry. (wireless honeypots)

October 7 2002

  • I am working on a new ver of warlinux, with a new kismet, other little things, but currently the development machine is cracking wep on my AP with airsnort I am listening to the requests for X, ethereal, and airsnort. I need to figure out how to get X working on any laptop chipset. Suggestions appreciated.
  • Warchalking Brasil - vive o wifi!
  • New version (1.6) of Wellenreiter has been released.

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"It's like the old days of war dialing,
The new wireless vulnerabilities are even worse than the old methods."
--Kevin Mitnick relating war dialing to war driving at RSA conference.